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Balls in the Wall

This weekend I revealed a new kinetic art piece. First mechanical rolling ball piece inside of shadow box frame. It was displayed at the Bemis Art show from 3/22/2014-2/23/2014.

Its is hand built from wood, brass, and silver plated copper wire.   It runs on 2 AA batteries that drives a 3 stage brass pulley reduction system to power the 9 inch wood wheel that uses magnets to pick up the 5/16 dia ball bearing. It can run up to 10 balls but during the show it ran 1 ball to keep the noise and movement limited.

Thank you Jonathan Houser for your support.

IMG959996 IMG959570


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Gondola Lift “Rolling Ball” – Kinetic Sculpture

Just a Sneek Peek of the new sculpture right now.  The base is made out of a beautiful 6 x 22 inch piece of cherry hardwood and with only 1-1/2 of the four tracks done, it currently contains over 100ft of 12 gauge copper wire and 3 pounds of custom brass hardware.

If you haven’t seen the smaller first version please Click Here


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