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1500mw Desktop RGB Laser System

Revisiting an old favorite hobby of mine. 

2012-10-26 15.27.08

Since I was a kid I have always love playing with light.  About 10 years ago I built a huge custom laser system that was the culmination of everything I had learned up to that point.  In total I have built about 15 individual systems, from “pocket sized” to last, 80 lb argon-HeNe tube laser system.  In those days you couldn’t buy systems like that for less then $5k.   Just one of my lasers alone was $800 on ebay used.   Always short of money, I never was able to achieve the system I really wanted.   A machine that was compact, cheap,  powerful and the ability to draw acurite images was out of my reach…  Until Now!

Don’t get confused.  You can now buy a laser system on Ebay almost like this for about $600,  about what I spent on all my parts.  This was not a attempt to save money,  make a better system or sell them in any way,  I just love building these and Its always been in the back of my mind as a unfinished part of my life.   To see more or my past laser projects click the “Lasers” category from the right menu.  Unfortunately,  not all my laser systems are on here.   I started making them in the early 90’s when the first affordable pen lasers came out and not a lot of photos were taken of my projects as a kid or teen, but there are some great shots.  I did my best to capture everything from this project as you will see below.

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